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A Book on Week St. Mary Village...
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Week St. Mary Village
'a community at large'
by David M Martin
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bookcoverOn Thursday 29th November in the Chapel's Sunday School Room, Week St. Mary, David Martin signed new copies of his book. The Room, decorated with posters and a small display of old photographs, soon filled with supporters.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the entry of one of the original evacuees, Audrey Tarrant, who, on June 20th 1940, walked through the door of the Sunday School Room with other children from Croydon, once again walked through those doors wearing an identity label, carrying a box of personal possessions around her neck and clutching a small teddy bear - the same bear that she carried all those years ago - thank you Audrey for that touch of realism. 

Some 133 copies of the book were signed on that day.

Audrey Tarrant

Audrey Tarrant (Evacuee)

(Photo: Linda Cobbledick)

  My thanks to all my family who attended on that day and those who helped with refreshments. 

Below are a few snapshots of some of the visitors to my book signing day, kindly taken by Terry Edwards.
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