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Sue Dickenson first recipient of Bishop's Award:
Sue & Rob Dickenson

Sue pictured here with her husband,
Revd Canon Rob Dickenson.

Sue will slay me for advertising this but so great a support has she been over the years, not only to my ministry but to your parishes in the compassionate and tireless exercise of her own pastoral ministry, that I cannot let it go unadvertised.

I am so very proud to tell you that, when we arrived home from Singapore last week, a letter from Bishop Tim was awaiting her, which said, amongst other things:

“I am delighted to write to you to say that you have been awarded ‘the Cross of St Piran’.

This is a new award that is being instituted this year in the diocese and is for lay people who have carried, and are carrying, out an outstanding service in some way....

...many people have commented to me how much you give and do for the church, not only in the Week St Mary Benefice but way beyond. And I have seen for myself your undying commitment and energy for the Gospel in a wide variety of ways...

I personally have appreciated your support, the prayerfulness that you give and your attentiveness to other people. For this reason and for many more I am delighted to award you The Cross of St Piran.”

Because we have just returned from our holiday this is very short notice in that the service is to be held at the Church of St Piran at Perranzabuloe (near to Perranporth) on Sunday 6th March 2011 at 6.00pm. Even so, I would warmly welcome anyone who would like to come down to support Sue in this recognition of her ministry and, should you have a problem over transport, to arrange something appropriate for you.  If you need transport or, better still, can offer some car space, please would you contact me (01288 341134) or leave a message, or e-mail me

Bishop's Award:

Sue Dickenson with Bishop Tim


Sue Dickenson was presented with The Cross of St Piran by Bishop Tim at Perranzabuloe Church on Saturday 6th March. The church was packed as this new award was presented to 20 lay church workers in recognition of their imaginive and faithful service to the church over many years.

Sue was recognised particularly for her development of the Pastoral Care teams in the Benefice as well as for her work with children in all areas of the church's life.

As usual and in common with wll the other recipients she was very embarrassed and surprised to be rewarded in this way but the award is well deserved and we are very lucky to have such a vigorous and enthusiastic worker in our midst.

She is truly an inspiration to us all.

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