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Book Club  

• Do you like reading?

• Do you like meeting with a friendly group of people?

If the answer to either of the above questions is “Yes” then you should be a member of the Week St. Mary Book Club and like all good meetings tea/coffee and biscuits are provided. 



Update April 2009:
You don’t need to be a bookworm to join the Book Club – we welcome anybody who would like to join us. We meet monthly, normally on a Monday, in the small meeting room in the Chapel. The library system provides us with the books, free of charge and all we have to do as a group is to provide a brief paragraph, or two, about the book to go in the library’s file. Like all good meetings we enjoy our discussion over a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits.
The books we read fall into many categories; love stories, thrillers, humour, historical, Cornish settings, etc. We often read and enjoy books that we wouldn’t have chosen from the library shelves. Recently we have read “Oryx and Crake” Margaret Atwood a book set in the future, “Property” Valerie Martin a story about the slave trade, “Disgrace” J. M. Coetzee set in the South African bush and “The Death Pictures” a detective novel set in Plymouth by Simon Hall the BBC Crime Correspondent in the southwest. Whatever the book there is always a lively discussion.
For further information, or for the date of the next meeting, call Pauline on 01566 781 626 or Micheline on: 01288 341 689. 



Update May 2008:
Book Circle has been going for 2 years and has a membership of about 9 people, some of these come from as far away as Boyton and North Petherwin so we are open to anyone who wants to come.
We meet about once a month but this is always subject to being able to order a book set from Truro Library, it's consequent arrival and members' own commitments.
We have read a terrific range of books and we all say that some of these are not ones we'd have chosen off the library shelf ourselves but that in spite of that we've 'enjoyed' them. Enjoyed is not always the word we should use as some of the books read are very challenging emotionally. This makes reading the current book sound a chore which it isn't as you don't have to read it but most of us like the challenge and read it if we possibly can. Of course we've also had some cracking good, enjoyable reads!
During the meeting we discuss the merits and demerits of the current book, our views don't always concur and this makes for a lively and interesting sharing of ideas. Of course other topics creep into the discussion - often equally interesting!
The current book is Saturday by Ian McEwan, others read include Wild Swans, Mr. Golightly's Holiday, Tulip Fever, The Bridges of Madison County, The House of Spirits, Astonishing Splashes of Colour and lots more.


For further information, or for the date of the next meeting,
call Pauline on 01566 781 626 or Micheline on: 01288 341 689
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