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A Message From The Rectory

August 2018


At our meeting on 20th November, the Deanery Synod formally  approved the decision to create a Conventional District which is co-terminus (has the same outside boundary) with  the current Deanery of Stratton. 

This measure is allowed for up to five years during which time we are able to informally change the arrangement of parishes within clusters and to employ staff in those new  groupings. This can be changed during the five years as well, so if we don’t like what we do, we can make adjustments until  we are sure we are where we need to be before the ew arrangements are made permanent by full Pastoral Reorganisation. 

Without the Conventional District none of the changes that  we have decided upon over the last 10 months can take place for a very long time as full pastoral reorganisation is a  long, drawn out legal process which also involves Patrons. If we are to move forward now, we must create this Conventional  District now. As soon as it is in place the new northern cluster can develop its Benefice Profile and advertise for a full  -time priest, the Central Cluster which includes Week St Mary, Whitstone, Poundstock and Widemouth Bay, together  with Bude and Marhamchurch can move forward with Rev David and the enlarged Southern Cluster (which will include St Gennys and Jacobstow, Warbstow & Treneglos) can start to work together with Rev. Heather Aston too.


The next milestone in the trek towards a Deanery Plan and thus for the recruitment of clergy for our own Benefice and the Parish of Poughill, will be discussion and presentation of some alternative ideas for re-organising the Deanery that have been received before the 31st July deadline.

This could be done during extra PCC Meetings but it is suggested that our United Benefice Council and Deanery Reps (if different) from each parish should meet for this in mid August so that as little disruption as possible will be experienced during the holiday season. We will then be in a position to report back to our church communities and the Reps will be able to be well informed in order to take part in the vote to choose the Deanery Plan which will take place at the Deanery Synod on 11th September.

The August meeting will depend upon the College’s own discussions so we cannot propose a date just yet, but it is obviously vital that we are as involved as possible in these discus-sions and decisions, so please, even if it means changing your plans, try your best to attend if asked. Thank you

Lesley Booker

For local enquiries relating to Week St. Mary Church matters please contact either of the Churchwardens: Lesley Booker Tel: 01288 341221 or Richard Sowerby Tel: 01288 341348
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