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A Message From The Rectory

March 2018

Now that our Benefice is officially ‘In Transition’ we can legitimately start to ask...

What next then?

The answer is by no means clear at present, but what is certain is that your representatives are working VERY hard to ensure that we are ready for whatever is decided for us and for the whole Deanery in the future, both near and farther off. Our main task is to write our Parish Profile which describes to anyone interested in working here, what we are like and what we would like to see in such a person and this is going on NOW with the help of the Diocesan Transitions Officer, Rebecca Evans.

The Diocese’s policy is now that ALL Deaneries must have a Deanery Plan, mapping out their aspirations, their proposed solutions to problems, their ability to finance those aspirations and their plans for moving forward with Christ and of course a vacant Benefice poses all sorts of questions about how it should fit into that plan. There is going to be change to be sure, and we will be part of that change. There will be change across the Diocese, in every Deanery eventually as we all have to get to grips with the thorny problem of financing our needs and much work is going on in the background to ensure that we have a viable vision for the future.

Our Deanery is working hard to develop a feasible Plan and when that is ready, we will know more clearly what to expect. In the meantime, we have the support of a number of retired clergy, a new Rural Dean (Reverend David Barnes of Bude) and a strong team of Worship Leaders. We will need to help each other along and we will need to be flexible and understanding about a variety of issues that arise when there is no priest assigned to our Benefice. We have done it before and we can do it again, believing that Together We Can.

Lesley Booker

For local enquiries relating to Week St. Mary Church matters please contact either of the Churchwardens: Lesley Booker Tel: 01288 341221 or Richard Sowerby Tel: 01288 341348
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