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Headstones & Inscriptions

Collated from the Churchyard and Cemetery

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? (2)A (16)B (116)
C (107)D (26)E (8)
F (19)G (28)H (75)
I (2)J (34)K (9)
L (11)M (61)N (3)
O (51)P (85)Q (0)
R (35)S (101)T (39)
U (4)V (7)W (42)
X (0)Y (0)Z (0)
Each detailed headstone will refer to one of the locations listed below:

Methodist Cemetery

Church Area 1

Church Area 2

Church Area 3

Church Area 4

The Church

    50º 45'03.84N    4º 30'01.39W        OS:  SX 237977           Elevation: 142m
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