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Headstones & Inscriptions

Information collected from the Churchyard & Cemetery

Headstones & Inscriptions

Collated from the Churchyard and Cemetery
B., N. (PC)-1878-
B., S. (PC)-1897-
B., T. (PC)-1871-
BADCOCK (X), Ann Maria (PC)(1806)2nd October 187670
BADCOCK (X), Ann Sanford (PC)29th December 179819th November 187071
BADCOCK, Anna (PC)(1891)19th December 197887
BADCOCK, Annie Maud (PC)(1881)26th February 197089
BADCOCK, Catherine (PC) (1837)27th December 191477
BADCOCK (X), Daniel Dennis (PC)(1798)2nd December 187173
BADCOCK, Daniel (PC)(1765)14th March 181550
BADCOCK, Elizabeth Florence (PC)(1880)24th January 190828
BADCOCK, Elizabeth (PC)(1763)27th March 183471
BADCOCK, Ena Anne (PC)(1908)25th April 196759
BADCOCK (X), Henry (PC)16th September 179422nd December 187985
BADCOCK, John Steer (PC)(1843)17th April 192885
BADCOCK, Laurence (PC)(1801)21st August 184241
BADCOCK, Marion Christine (PC)(1914)15th February 200591
BADCOCK, Mary (PC)(1803)9th July 188077
BADCOCK, Richard (PC)(1809)1st June 182112
BADCOCK, Robert Leigh (PC)(1806)10th December 188377
BADCOCK, Robert Leigh (PC)(1872)28th August 196593
BADCOCK, Thomas Davy (PC)(1806)20th December 182519
BADCOCK, Thomas (PC)(1800)22nd April 18022
BADCOCK, William John (PC)(1905)4th December 197267
BAILEY, Elizabeth (PC)(1798)18th January 188587
BAILEY, James H (PC)(1885)9th March 194257
BAILEY, John (PC)(1809)3rd August 189485
BAILEY, Phoebe (PC)(1894)13th November 197076
BAILEY, Sophia (PC)(1824)21st March 189369
BAKER, Digory (PC)10th February 180720th October 187568
BAKER, Digory (PC)- -
BAKER, Eliza (PC)(1815)2nd March 184833
BAKER, George (MC)(1919)6th August 199778
BAKER, Honour (PC)(1699)17th ??? 178182
BAKER, Jane Mason (PC)(1853)14th March 185517 months
BAKER, Mary Beatrice (PC)(1865)23rd March 18661
BAKER, Richard (PC)(1849)7th March 188738
BAKER, Thomas (PC)(1695)12th May 178085
BAKER, Thomasin (PC)(1779)7th July 184162
BAKER, William A. U. (PC)(1803)24th May 182522
BALHATCHET, Eliza (PC)(1839)6th June 187536
BALHATCHET, John (PC)(1793)10th December 186168
BALHATCHET, John (PC)26th September 182519th July 188862
BALHATCHET, Mary (PC)23rd September 182516th June 190680
BALHATCHET, Thomasine (PC)(1799)27th April 186263
BARBER, Doris Beatrice (MC)(1924)16th April 199874
BARBER, Thomas Edward (MC)(1924)13th October 200783
BARRIBALL, Ada Jane (Formerly Duke, Neé Gregory) (PC)3rd August 190616th April 198477
BARRIBALL, Alan Brian (MC)(1961)6th September 198928
BARRIBALL, Kenneth William (MC)(1923)15th January 200986
BARRIBALL, Mary (MC)(1926)6th October 200882
BASKERVILLE, Solomon (PC)(1824)6th November 189773
BATE, Gordon (PC)(1918)18th June 200183
BATE, Helena Mary (PC)(1921)22nd August 200887
BAYNES, Edward (Revd) (PC)(1752)5th April 182169
BAYNES, Elizabeth (PC)(1759)23rd July 185091
BAYNES, Francis Egerton (PC)(1804)6th April 182622
BAYNES, Mellony (PC)(1793)12th February 182027
BAYNES, Thomas Edward (Lieut) (PC)(1788)15th September 182234
BAYNES, William Wogan Revd (PC)-28th September 1830-
BEASLEY, Christopher Vincent (MC)(1895)25th August 197075
BEASLEY, Ellen (MC)(1894)29th December 196975
BENOV, George Henry (PC)--4
BENOV, George (PC)(1820)188868
BENOV, Jane (PC)(1824)189773
BENOY, Elizabeth (MC)(1843)28th February 193288 yrs 11½ months
BENOY, Lavinia Susanna (PC)(1849)12th December 193081
BENOY, Thomas H. (MC)(1853)25th December 193784
BENOY, William (PC)(1850)8th June 188636
BICKEL, Gertrude Mary (PC)(1881)1st December 18887
BICKEL, John Oliver (PC)(1855)17th April 191964
BICKEL, Lucinda Mary (PC)(1855)28th December 192974
BICKEL, Lucinda (PC)(1885)13th June 188611 months
BLACK, Jane Mary (PC)1944200460
BLIGHT, Child (1) (PC)---
BLIGHT, Child (2) (PC)---
BLIGHT, Child (3) (PC)---
BLIGHT, Child (4) (PC)---
BLIGHT, Godfrey (PC)(1773)28th March 183562
BLIGHT, Margaret (PC)(1787)8th August 183346
BONE, Caroline (PC)(1868)23rd April 194678
BONE, Jethro (PC)(1859)23rd June 194586
BOWLES, Pauline Mary (PC)1932200270
BRAUND, Emily Coumbe (PC)(1888)6th June 194961
BRAUND, Flora (PC)(1850)3rd November 193282
BRAUND, Horace (PC)(1881)6th January 189312
BRAUND, John Prower (PC)(1888)16th January 194860
BRAUND, John (PC)(1802)7th March 189593
BRAUND, Marwood (PC)(1861)21st August 194887
BRAUND, Mary Ann (PC)(1817)11th February 188366
BRAUND, Mary Ann (PC)(1849)13th November 186314
BRAY, Betsy (PC)(1812)16th December 189179
BRAY, Elizabeth (PC)(1842)24th March 18463yrs 5 months
BRAY, William (PC)(1807)3rd January 187366
BREWER, Agnes (MC)(1913)(c: 28th February 1971)58
BREWER, Elsie (MC)-23rd June 1955-
BREWER, Fanny (MC)-19th December 1933-
BREWER, Hayter W. (MC)(1901)3rd May 197170
BREWER, Henry John (MC)-15th July 1919-
BREWER, Janie M. (MC)(1939)10th February 198647
BRIMACOMBE, Ivy May (MC)(1923)16th July 198966
BROAD, Emma (PC)(1828)23rd July 18313
BROAD, John (PC)(1797)15th February 188285
BROAD, Mary (PC)(1841)17th July 186726
BROAD, Samuel (PC)(1838)22nd May 185618
BROAD, Thomasin (PC)(1805)16th January 186964
BROAD, Thomasin (MC)(1844)27th February 192985
BROCK, Mary Ann (PC)(1825)24th May 189065
BROCK, Thomas (PC)(1821)5th November 188059
BROMELL, Kathleen Mary (MC)(1896)22nd February 196064
BROMELL, Raymond (MC)22nd October 193523rd February 19393
BROMELL, Thomas (MC)(1907)26th August 198679
BROWN, Eric (MC)26th October 191810th January 199172
BUCKINGHAM, Charles (PC)(1866)3rd October 188721
BUCKINGHAM, Thomas (PC)(1861)19th June 188120
BUCKNELL, Michael John (PC)22nd May 19461st January 201264

Please note: Whilst the information transcribed here is in the public domain - anyone can go to the churchyard and cemetery and read the headstones - it is not our intention to permit this information to be used for any purpose other than for personal or general research of a genealogical nature. Any abuse of this information will not be tolerated and could lead to the withdrawal of this information from the web site. E&OE : Errors are bound to happen, despite the greatest care being taken and in some cases it is difficult to determine the surname of the deceased, complicated by the frequent use of family surnames within the forenames and the total omission in other cases, but they are all there, somewhere!! For any errors please email us with the correct detail and we will re-check the headstone and amend accordingly.

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