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Headstones & Inscriptions

Information collected from the Churchyard & Cemetery

Headstones & Inscriptions

Collated from the Churchyard and Cemetery
RAYMONT, Bethuel (MC)(1886)15th Apr 195468
RAYMONT, Harriet Ann (MC)(1882)3rd Nov 195068
RAYMONT, Myra Emily (MC)(1921)11th Feb 199170
RAYMONT, William Francis (MC)(1919)27th Dec 200384
REED, Alice M. (MC)(1879)18th Mar 195071
REED, John Thomas (PC)(1871)25th Oct 194473
REED, Leslie (MC)(1940)28th Aug 19409w
REED, Rebecca (PC)(1873)16th Feb 191946
REED, Vanessa Margaret (MC)14th Jan 193919th Apr 201475
RIDGEMAN, Harold Higgins (PC)(1920)31st Oct 200080
RIDGMAN, Jane (PC)(1778)6th Aug 184365
RIDGMAN, John (PC)(1911)25th Dec 200493
RIDGMAN, Mary Ann (PC)21st Apr 189123rd Dec 197079
RIDGMAN, Nellie (PC)(1916)26th Apr 198266
RIDGMAN, Pearl (PC)6th Mar 19104th Feb 197565
RIDGMAN, William (PC)14th Feb 188726th Aug 197790
ROGERS, Audrey Philippa (PC)14th May 19159th Nov 200893
ROGERS, Gwendoline Bessie (PC)(1926)6th Jan 200579
ROGERS, Haydn Abraham (PC)(1896)26th Mar 197175
ROGERS, James (PC)(1896)4th Nov 191721
ROGERS, John Henry (PC)(1924)10th Apr 200076
ROGERS, John Henry (PC)(1883)28th Nov 196380
ROGERS, John (PC)(1845)6th Nov 190560
ROGERS, Katie Agatha (PC)(1889)25th Jan 196879
ROGERS, Mary Mason (PC)(1855)3rd Apr 192671
ROGERS, Miriam Alice (PC)(1908)7th Nov 199688
ROGERS, Winifred E.R. (PC)(1917)11th Mar 200083
ROGERS, Winifred Ivy (PC)(1927)7th Jan 200275
ROLL, George (PC)-10th Feb 1602-
ROWE, Edwin Pearse (PC)(1829)14th Sep 18378y 9m
ROWE, John Prower (PC)(1823)5th Feb 18285
ROWE, John (PC)(1823)26th Apr 189673
ROWE, Salome (PC)(1810)8th Mar 189080
ROWLAND (Private), W.R.P. (Wilfred Richard Pengelly) (PC)(1922)30th Nov 194321
RUNDEL, Martha (PC)(1795)26th Sep 182530

Please note: Whilst the information transcribed here is in the public domain - anyone can go to the churchyard and cemetery and read the headstones - it is not our intention to permit this information to be used for any purpose other than for personal or general research of a genealogical nature. Any abuse of this information will not be tolerated and could lead to the withdrawal of this information from the web site. E&OE : Errors are bound to happen, despite the greatest care being taken and in some cases it is difficult to determine the surname of the deceased, complicated by the frequent use of family surnames within the forenames and the total omission in other cases, but they are all there, somewhere!! For any errors please email us with the correct detail and we will re-check the headstone and amend accordingly.

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