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Old Businesses of the village
How the village has changed over the past 126 years!
1889 1939 2006
H J Brewer (Draper & Grocer) H Brewer (Draper & Grocer) Telesonic
Mrs Sarah Congdon (Butcher) N & E Coles (Butcher)  
  F Colwill (Butcher)  
Frederick May (Surgeon & Medical Officer) J Freeth (Physician, Surgeon & Public Vacinnator)  
William Orchard (Shoe-maker & Farmer) W Higgins (Shoes, Ironmonger & Sweets)  
John Staddon (Tree Inn & Shoe-maker) Mrs Masters (Temperance Hotel)  
  Mr Martyn (Ironmonger & Petrol) Hillcrest Bakery
  L Maddock (Garage) K J Bromell (Builder)
W Martyn (Grocer)
The Beeches (Schoolmaster's Residence) The Beeches (Schoolmaster's Residence) Green Inn (Public House)
The Village School The County Primary School  
Samuel Smith (Farmer & Shop-keeper)    
  Mrs Pooley (General Store & Taxi)  
Samuel Fry (Blacksmith) G Masters (Blacksmith)  
William Martin (Blacksmith & Shop-keeper)    
Bethuel Hutchings (Tailor & Shop-keeper) T Orchard (Tailor)  
J Sandercock (Post Office & Farmer) J Sandercock (Post Office)  
C H Honey (Baker & Grocer) Sandercock (Baker) J Roberts (Post Office & Village Store)
Mrs Charlotte Kinsman (Trefrouse Mill) - [THIS IS MY WIFE'S GREAT-GREAT-GRANDMOTHER : David Martin]
Mrs Jane Kinsman (Miller)    
John Kinsman (Farmer - Odd Mill)    
Rev J D Peake Rev A Hambrook Rev R Dickenson
Morton B Glanville (Carpenter) Albert Rowland (Carpenter)  
George Benoy (Carpenter) Mr Parnell (Carpenter)  
Thomas Power (Carpenter)    
J Smeeth (Carpenter & Beer Retailer)    
Josiah Ayres (Mason) John Ayres (Mason)  
Thomas Bickford (Mason)    
  William Headon (Cattle Dealer)  
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