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John Wesley's Journal (extracts relating to Week St Mary)

Tuesday 18th June 1745
Being invited by the Rector of St. Mary Week, (about seven miles from St. Ginny's,) to preach in his church, we went thither in the afternoon. I had not seen in these parts of Cornwall, either so large a church or so large a congregation.

John Wesley

Tuesday 16th July 1745
About three I preached in St. Mary Week church, on "Repent ye, and believe the Gospel" (Mark 1.15).

Monday 15th September 1746
A guide, meeting us at Camelford, conducted us to St. Mary Week. It was the time of the yearly revel, which obliged me to speak very plain.

Sunday 26th July 1747
I preached at Tamerton church in the morning; Mary Week, in the afternoon, and St. Ginny's in the evening.

Sunday 1st September 1751
We were well buffeted both with wind and rain, in riding from thence (Tresmere) to John Turner's, where the congregation was waiting for me; and we had another season of solemn joy in the Lord.

Sunday 2nd October 1757
I rode to Mary-Week. A large congregation was gathered there, many of whom came seven or eight miles. The house stands in the midst of orchards and meadows, surrounded by gentle rising hills. I preached on the side of a meadow newly mown, to a deeply attentive people.

Monday 29th September 1760
Being invited, by the Minister of Mary Week, to preach in his church, I crossed over the country, and came thither about four in the afternoon. The congregation was large, considering the weather, and quite attentive and unconcerned.

Monday 27th September 1762
I rode to Mary Week. It was a kind of fair-day; "Tend the people were come far and near for wrestling and other diversions; but they found a better way of employing their time, for young and old flocked to church from all quarters."

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