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Parish Magazine Click to view the Magazine
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• Editor: Mr Dick Sowerby EMAIL Tel: 01288 341348
• Advertisements: Mr Len Davies Tel: 01288 341513
• Design: Mr Terry Edwards Tel: 01288 341083
• Distribution & Holiday Let copies: Mr Peter Coulson Tel: 01288 341837

The Week St. Mary Magazine is produced monthly in A5 booklets and distributed free to every parishioner. It is a useful resource with various snippets of information about a wide range of topics. The Magazine is the ideal booklet to leave lying around by the coffee table for easy reference.

This website is not intended to replace but rather to complement the Magazine. Many people love to browse the printed booklet, indeed, those without internet access would rather have no other. Even those with high-speed broadband connections would rather grab the Magazine in an instant than have to wait while their computer starts up... not always convenient.

Those who have left the village for 'foreign parts' would hopefully look forward to browsing the 'web' and catching up on the local news, so we feel that both forms of information have a place in todays modern society.

Opposite are links to the current months magazine and the previous eleven months.

You can click on the
text link to view a text version of the magazine, minus the advertisements or the pdf link to download the magazine as a pdf file which opens automatically with Acrobat Reader (free).

If you do not have this installed you can visit and download it - a very useful utility!

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