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Week St Mary Magazine for May

Thank you to all of those people who are normally engaged in making and distributing the Magazine

The following information will be published in the near future:

Due to the continuing Lockdown situation, the Week St Mary Magazine will not be delivered to individual houses again this month.

Magazines will be available from the box outside the shop for people to collect if they cannot access the online version which is available from this website by clicking on the BUTTON below, the Week St Mary Village Facebook Group page or from this link:!AhaklWmfX7aviv4lssUTkkhqxre3Fg

You may also request that the magazine be emailed directly to you by contacting

Please do not forget to collect for vulnerable or isolating people that you look after or to pass on this information about e-magazines if appropriate. If you already make grocery orders from the shop, you may add a printed magazine to your order.

It should not be necessary to further explain the reasoning behind this decision but the main points are as follows:

1. The magazine is available from a variety of sources and personal deliveries are not an essential activity.

2. Making up 330 magazines and assembling 11 rounds normally involves handling by a minimum of 4 people and in transporting the materials between three different houses, then delivering in cloth bags to 11 more houses.

3. Although there are people willing to deliver to some rounds, this involves them going from house to house with obvious consequences should they be infected already or if the letterboxes or personal contacts they make during this exercise result in them picking up COVID-19 contamination.

4. There are 11 rounds which would necessitate 11 people being involved in the high-risk activity explained in no. 3 above.

5. Please note that the Week St Mary Magazine is an independent organisation run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of the community and its decisions and content are not influenced by any other organisation.

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