Remembrance Sunday

8th November 2020


Well, I asked for painted pebbles to go in church with my poppy arrangement and am in awe of the Wickett and Wood children who through half term have painted 79..... on the back they have written names from the War Memorial.
Also the Wickett family have cleaned the War Memorial. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU Sarah for organising them.
Some of them will be placed on the War Memorial ready for Sunday's brief service. For those of you who may not have walked up the church path to have a look I thought I would share the photograph with you.

Thanks to Linda Cobbledick for the display.

It's lovely to see the war memorial being cleaned by youngsters. Well done!

The best bit is when the job is finished! 

Many of the painted pebbles placed on the memorial prior to the laying of the poppy wreaths

After the ceremony the pebbles will be returned to the church display for a few days.