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Week St. Mary Revel is an annual event held in September each year. If you are new to the village this is a fun afternoon and evening when we uphold an old tradition of crowning the Harvest Queen and we revel and make merry with stalls and entertainment in the playing field. The afternoon’s revelry is completed with the now famous Revel Tea. All proceeds are shared out between the 2 churches and other organisations in the village. Please come everyone and join in and have a great time. The evening usually continues with a BBQ or similar and an evening of general entertainment for all.

The setting of the date for Revel has always been a bit of a mystery for some but click HERE for an explanation as written by the Rev Samuel Holker Haslam of Week St. Mary 1900-1919 and reproduced in the local magazine during that period.

Click HERE to read a transcript of the Revel celebrations as reported by the Cornish & Devon Post in 1940.

Here are some pictures showing the variety of events to be enjoyed at the Revel as experienced over the past few years:-

revel revel revel
revel revel revel
revel revel revel

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