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Week St. Mary Revel 2010
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Week St Mary Bells marked the traditional start of the Revel which was once again blessed with perfect September weather, still, sunny and mild. The crowds turned out to welcome the new Harvest Queen, Eloise Cartwright as accompanied by her attendants, Mia Johns and Molly Webster and her Crown Bearer, Ethan Webster; she travelled down Week Green Hill on a beautifully decorated Harvest float. The procession was led by Jeanette Turner who was Harvest Queen 47 years ago and a number of Fancy Dress entrants – one of them a dog - followed enthusiastically behind.
On the playing field, MC Mike Goodman co-ordinated a series of events which have become traditional parts of the Revel. These included the crowning of the new Harvest Queen by the retiring Queen, Kekezza Stripp, the presentation of the Fancy dress prizes, the presentation of medals to the visiting Austin 7 Owners Club members and the announcement of the winner of the Scarecrow Festival held in August.
The ever popular Week St Mary Dog Show followed and was this year enhanced by an Agility Dogs demonstration led by judge Emma Warneford. Revel Dog of the year was Alfie Crocker –White. Many thanks to Chris Warneford for organising this important event once again.
The stalls, sideshows, games, teas and barbecue were well supported and this year shop owner, Jeff Roberts put on a fine display of local foods with samples of cheeses, chutneys, creams, butters, bread, meat, vegetables and eggs all available to try.

Winners of the competitions were as follows:-
Fancy Dress: under 5 Will Bacchus, 5-12 Tia Vanderlinden, 5-12 group Jade and Zara Turner.
Guess the Weight of the cake: Reverend David Clark (6lb guessed, actual weight 5lbs 15 oz- there was a draw for first place as Linda Ayres guessed 5lbs 14 oz)
Baby Photo competition: under 1 year Lesley Booker with her photo of Emilia Gray, 1-2 years Linda Cobbledick with her photo of Connor Pugh.
Gardening competition: the cup for the most points was won by Jeff Roberts.
Treasure Hunt: was won by Francis Rowe.

The Harvest Queen Eloise Cartwright presented the Scarecrow Festival Trophy to Jenny Parkin for raising the most money at the recent festival with her entry ‘Should have gone to Specsavers’.
After an admirable show of persistence, Biggy Middleton eventually won BOTH bottles of whisky from the bottle stall and congratulations must go to Mrs Sue Dickenson who with the help of her loyal assistants raised £345 on this stall alone.
By 4.30 the Parish Hall was very busy as the Revel Tea got under way and as usual there was plenty for everyone – a very welcome end to the afternoon. Thank you to everyone who helped in the kitchen and with service.
In the evening, the field tents were re-arranged to provide a sheltered party area with music, a bar run by leaders from Week St Mary Football Club, a barbecue and roast meats. Finally Keith Horrell presented a magnificent Fire Sculpture with the theme ‘Bringing the Harvest Home’ which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
The committee led by Trina Ward and members of which include Hilda Axford, Margaret Johns, Mike Goodman, Micheline Smith, Len Davies and Lesley Booker would like to give thanks to all those who helped in whatever way, your efforts will provide support to Week St Mary community organisations, several of which cannot survive without such fund raising efforts.
The Revel Committee is planning a great 50th Anniversary of the Harvest Queen celebration for next years Revel. They are calling on all members of the community who enjoy and benefit from the Revel, to come forward with their new ideas to enhance and continue this successful and popular event.

Week St. Mary Revel Dog Show 2010

Once again the weather was good for the 6th Revel Dog Show with 25 dogs taking part. Each dog was able to enter a maximum of 5 out of 7 classes with rosettes awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in each class. The winner from each of the classes went into a final to find ‘Revel Dog of the Year 2010’. The event went very smoothly with all the dogs behaving well.

A big thank you to my daughter Emma Warneford who did an excellent job as judge and who also provided a demonstration of Dog Agility, ably assisted by Zoe and Sarah. Thank you to all the participants who made the event a success and enabled us to raise £65 towards the Revel Funds.

The ‘Revel Dog of the Year 2010’ was ‘Alfie’, a Sheltie/Poodle owned by Brenda Crocker-White, which was a very popular choice with the spectators.

Alfie - Revel Dog Winner 2010 

Week St. Mary Revel Dog Show - Class Results

Best Short Haired:
1st  Mia (Vizsla)  - Maggie Murray
2nd  Bear (JR/Collie) – Linda Butterworth
3rd  George (Labrador) – Ann Strange
4th  Roxy (Staffie) – Kathryn Derges


Best Long haired (Storm Dog Trophy):
1st Breeze (Malamute) – Angela O’Connor
2nd Daisy (Collie) – Lesley Booker
3rd Bessie (Collie) - David Clarke
4th Oscar (Papillon) – Tina Basdon

Best Youngster (Under 2 years):
1st Alfie (Sheltie/Poodle) – Brenda Crocker-White
2nd Kizzie (JR) – Tegan Karkeek
3rd Klaus (Min Schnauzer) – Fiona Rugg
4th Ellie (Collie) – Zoe Dingle

Handsomest Dog:
1st Bear (JR/Collie) – Linda Butterworth
2nd George (Labrador) – Ann Strange
3rd Bilbo (Collie) – Sarah Bowles
4th Bear (Sprocker) – Debbie Dingle

Prettiest Bitch:
1st Cleo (Labrador) – Kirsten Murray
2nd Nessie (Deer Hound)) – Fenella Reed
3rd Breeze (Malamute) – Angela O’Connor
4th Summer (Collie) – Zoe Dingle

Best Condition:
1st Daisy (Colie) – Lesley Booker
2nd Roxy (Staffie) – Kathryn Derges
3rd Evie (Pug) – Hermione Reed
4th Mia (Vizsla) - Maggie Murray

Dog with Waggiest Tail:
Finley (Labrador) – Ann Strange
Alfie (Sheltie/Poodle) – Brenda Crocker-White
3rd  Bessie (Collie) - David Clarke
4th George (Labrador) – Ann Strange

Final – Revel Dog of the Year 2010

1st Alfie (Sheltie/Poodle) – Brenda Crocker-White
2nd Mia (Vizsla) - Maggie Murray
3rd Cleo (Labrador) – Kirsten Murray

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