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Week St. Mary Revel 2011
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Week St Mary Revel’s 50th Anniversary was held on Saturday 17th September despite high winds and showery rain – Jeff said we would have a fine afternoon and in essence we did!

This year’s Harvest Queen, Jasmine Parkin and her attendants Jade and Zara Turner and Page Boy Connor Pugh travelled in procession on a Harvest float driven by Jon Parkin. The procession was led by Trina Ward bearing the new 50th Anniversary Revel Banner, followed by Camelford Town Band ( sponsored by Dick Bolt), a host of Fancy Dress contestants mostly dressed in 1960’s style and twenty two former Harvest Queens!
Jasmine’s crowning ceremony was held in the church, due to the unpredictable weather, and was crowded with well wishers. The former Harvest Queen, Eloise Cartwright, handed over the Harvest Queens sash and crowned Jasmine Queen of the Harvest for the next year.


The Revel Fair was held on the Playing Field and included Fancy Dress Judging by Joyce Pugh, a Parade of Harvest Queens and a Dog Show (separate report from Victoria and Dick Sowerby) rounded off by a sumptuous Revel Tea in the Parish Hall organised by Hilda Axford, Margaret Johns and all their faithful helpers.
All the Queens and all the Revel helpers were presented with commemorative medals by Jean Martin. Thanks to David and Jean for their sponsorship of the medals.

Chris Jordan announced the winner of the recent Scarecrow Festival who was Shirley Reed of Penfold Cottage with ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ The Festival raised over £500 towards the Revel Fund.
Results Round Up :
Name the Teddy: the winner was J Balsdon who guessed the name Mitch.
Guess the weight of the cake made by Desmond Medland was won by Leigh Horrell and Nicola Pugh who both guessed the weight as
5lbs 1oz. They drew for the winner who turned out to be Nic Pugh who decided to share the cake with Leigh.
The Fancy Dress contest was very well supported and judged by Mrs Joyce Pugh who was the first Revel Queen.
The winners were as follows:
Under 5s Joint First Jasmine Gimblett and Alice Gribble, Joint First in the group entry for under 5s were Lily and Madi Johns and Kanae Van der Linden as ‘Flower Power’ and Chloe and Isobel Martyn and Tegan Curtis as the Flower Pot men.
In the 5-12s class First Prize went to Georgia Leete, 2nd to Tia Van der Linden and 3rd to Molly Hill. The group first prize for this age group went to Kean and Zak Cock with Beth and Toni Horrell and Callum and Alfie Johns with Bodhi Van der Linden and Charlie Satchell.
The Lamb’s weight was 65.2kg and the closest guess made by Peter Coulson, who needs to contact 01288 341374 to claim his prize leg of lamb which is resting in a Week St Mary freezer at present.
In the evening Mike Goodman organised a ‘Cornish Leg Wrestling Contest’, there was a bar, run by the Football Club and a barbecue and meat roast. It is fair to say that a very good time was had by all despite the showers and the evening was finished off with a fantastic fire sculpture created by Keith Horrell, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Revel.

Week St. Mary Revel Dog Show

The weather was indifferent for the 7th Revel Dog Show which probably accounted for this year’s somewhat reduced entry in that only 17 dogs took part. Although by the afternoon the wind had dropped, it did not actually rain and all participants and their owners appeared to be enjoying themselves. There were six classes with the winner of each class competing for Revel Dog of the Year 2011. Our grateful thanks go to Dave Soul for his generous sponsorship and to Alice Wise who did an excellent job as judge. Thank you to all the participants who despite the conditions made the event a success and enabled us to raise £35 towards the Revel funds. Organised by: Victoria Sowerby

Best Short Haired:
1st Sophie (Whippet) - Doreen Cook
2nd China (Pointer) - Wendy Couch
3rd Tally (Hunterway) - Jessica Parsons
4th Clio (Labrador) - Kirsten Hilton

Best Youngster (Under 2 years):
1st Mia (Vizsla) - Kirsten Hilton
2nd Lady (Cocker spaniel) - Louise Carter
3rd Tally (Hunterway) - Jessica Parsons
4th Poppy (Border/jack russell) - Molly Mees


Best Long haired (Storm Dog Trophy):
1st Bessie (Collie) - David Clarke
2nd Teddy (Tibetan spaniel) - Margaret Strange
3rd Alfie (Sheltie/poodle) - Brenda Crocker-White

Handsomest Dog:
1st Riley (Pointer) - Wendy Couch
2nd Teddy (Tibetan spaniel) - Margaret Strange
3rd Alfie (Sheltie/poodle) - Brenda Crocker-White
4th Buster (Labrador) - Kirsten Hilton


Prettiest Bitch:
1st Cassie (Collie/springer) - Chloe May
2nd Lady (Cocker spaniel) - Louise Carter
3rd Bessie (Collie) - David Clarke
4th Mia (Vizsla) - Kirsten Hilton

Revel Dog of the Year


Kirsten Hilton’s Vizsla

Revel Dog of the year 2011

Dog with Waggiest Tail:
1st Bonny (Labrador) - Polly Boswell
2nd Alfie (Sheltie/poodle) - Brenda Crocker-White
3rd Lady (Cocker spaniel) - Louise Carter
4th Tally (Hunterway) - Jessica Parsons

Week St. Mary Revel Vegetable & Flower Show

Despite unfavourable growing conditions, there was a healthy number of entries, the results are as follows:-
Under 12’s Flower in a boot - 1st place Oliver Roberts
Under 5’s Carved vegetable - 1st place Jasmine Gimblett,
Seed Tray Garden - 1st place Connor Pugh, 2nd place Jacob Jellard,
3rd place Lucas Bisby - Flower in a boot/Shoe - 1st place Connor Pugh,
2nd place Jasmine Gimblett.
The following all received commendations, Lucy Satchell, Brooke Hannaford, Isobel & Chloe Martyn, Tegen Curtis & Joshie Jellard.
Cup Winner - 1st place Richard Bennett
2nd place Jeff Roberts, 3rd place Joyce Orchard.
Biggest Pumpkin - Sally Palmer
Longest Runner Bean - Jeff Roberts
Largest Sunflower head - Bob Booker, who was also awarded a commendation for his three onions.
A huge thank you to all who entered and grateful thanks to the two judges Mr. I. Paddon & Liz Hodgson.
Finally my special thanks to Linda Cobbledick & David Martin who prepared all the necessary information and paperwork.

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