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Revel 1940
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(As reported in the Cornish & Devon Post 1940)

WEEK ST. MARY REVEL - Evacuees see hunt for first time

Although shorn somewhat of its usual features and attractiveness, Week St. Mary Revel was faithfully observed by the local parishioners over the weekend, and numerous Week St. Mary natives paid their customary visits to their homes and friends.
The dedication services, on Sunday, were conducted by the Rector and drew large congregations. Mr. T. Rogers presided at the organ throughout.

The meet of the South Tetcott Hounds, under Harry, on Monday morning, attracted about twenty riders and a large crowd of followers on foot. Creddicott Moors provided two "kills" in full view of the majority of walkers, much to the delight of the locals, and to the wonderment of the evacuees, most of whom were having their first introduction to such a sport. Cawker's Moors gave the riders a short, but brisk gallop until the fox "went to holt," and hounds were called off about 1 p.m.

Childrens sports were held in the Rectory field, in the afternoon, under the direction of Misses D.E. Pratt, K.M. Jasper, M. Ridgman, assisted by Mrs S. Stacey, Miss Phillips, Messrs A.L. Stephens and J. Coles.

Results:- Flat races - Under 6. - B. Pooley, P. Terry, J. Pearce. Under 8, boys. - B. Blackburn, A. Mills, D. Waterman.
Ditto girls. - P. Pearce, P. Perkins, P. Gilliam. Under 12, boys. - A. Waterman, E. Mills, A. Rowland. Ditto, girls (a). - Mary Holmes, S. Jones, J. Pearce.  (b). - M. Davidson, M. Holmes, A. Tarrant. Under 15, boys. - F. Cobbledick, M. Stacey, F. Colwill. Ditto, girls. - A. Jones,
P. Petherick, E. Cobbledick. Egg and Spoon Race. - Under 11, boys. - A. Colwill, A. Waterman, D. Ramsey. Ditto, girls (a). - S. Gilliam, P. Gilliam, N. Smith. (c) - S. Maddock, B. Lipscombe, D. Brent. Ditto, under 15. - boys. - F. Colwill, M. Stacey, F. Cobbledick.
Girls. - M. Rogers, A. Jones, P. Petherick. 3-legged race. - Under 11, boys. - W. & A. Colwill, W. Trace & J. Denham.
Ditto, girls. - S. Jones & H. Pauling, M. Maddock & B. Tarvin, I. Colwill & P. Pearce. Ditto, under 15. - M. Rogers & A. Jones, F. Colwill & F. Cobbledick, A. Waterman & D. Ramsay. Pebble-picking. - Boys. - Alan Waterman, D. Ramsey, W. Colwill. Ditto, girls. - M. Maddock, B. Tarvin, B. Perkins. Other events had to be postponed.

Helpers at a public tea in the Rectory Room, were Mesdames N. Coles, E. Coles, H. Martin, J. Cobbledick, S. L. Chidley, J. Ridgman, P. Pearce, Misses A. Chidley, B. Martin, M. Cobbledick, D. Treleaven, E. & I. Martyn, assisted by Mesdames Parnell & Kinsman. 

A sweet stall was in charge of Mrs. A. L. Stephens and Mrs. Coles, and a hoop-la stall under Nurse Luxton.

At the harvest festival service, in the evening, Rev. C. D. Kingdon (Whitstone) paid his 44th revel visit to preach the sermon. The lesson was read by Rev. C. V. Lawson (Poundstock).

The day concluded with a social, at which the M.C. was Mr. J. H. Rogers, and music was supplied by Mesdames Marshall, Jones, Miss C. Hooper, and Miss C. Masters.

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