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In The Sky

We are indebted to Arthur Black for supplying this information.
Should you wish to communicate with Arthur, please email him at:  arthur.black10@btinternet.com

Below is a list of dates with notable events for the coming weeks in July 2018

  • 3rd Earth at its furthest point from the Sun
  • 9th Venus close to star Regulus in the west and Mercury low in the horizon WNW around 945pm
  • 11th Meteor shower Alpha Capricornids begins. Peaks 27/28th and ends 10th August.
  • 13th Perseid meteor shower begins. Peaks 11/12th August. Solar Eclipse (Southern hemisphere only)
  • 15th Moon close to star Regulus and Venus around 930pm in the west
  • 16th Moon close to Venus in Leo low down in the west
  • 19th Moon in Virgo to the right of Jupiter in Libra in the SW
  • 20th Moon close to Jupiter in Libra in the SW around 11pm. Star Spica low in the horizon WSW 11pm
  • 21st Delta Aquariids meteor shower begins. Peaks 28/29th. Ends 23rd August.
  • 24th Moon close to Saturn in Sagittarius in the South.
  • 27th Moon close to Mars in Capricornus in the SSE around 11pm. Total eclipse of the Moon 849pm in the SE. Mars is in opposition.
  • 27/28th Alpha Capricornids meteor shower peak.
  • 28/29th Delta Aquariid meteor shower peak


Sunrise 5.05am

Sunset 9.21pm


Sets around 10.45pm

Total eclipse of the Moon : 27th/28th July in the south east. Based on London location, it starts 8.49pm 27th, full eclipse 9.21pm, ends just after midnight 28th. Moon is close to the horizon during the total eclipse so need to observe where the horizon is not obscured.


Venus -4.1 to -4.3 Low down in the western evening sky. may just be visible in the evening sky before it sets.

Mars -2.7 Bright in the south east after midnight

Jupiter -2.3 to -2.1 In the South west setting soon after midnight

Saturn 0.0 to 0.2 In the South in Sagittarius.

Mercury 0.4 Sets about 10pm WNW. Far too low in the western horizon to be seen really.

Uranus 5.8 Moving very slowly east inside Aries.

Neptune 7.9 to 7.8 In Aquarius

Summer Triangle of Stars:

Deneb East Vega SE Attair SE

Constellations 11pm 15th July:

Looking South :

Pegasus - E

Lacerta - E

Aquarius - E

Cygnus - E to SE - Deneb, Albirco

Delphinus - ESE

Lyra - SE - Vega

Sagitta - SE

Aquila - SE - Altair

Capricornus - SE

Hercules - SSE to SW - M13

Serpens Cauda - S

Scutum - S

Sagittarius - S

Ophiuchus - S

Serpens Caput - SSW

Scorpius - SSW - Antares, M4, Acrab

Libra - SW

Corona Borealis - SW - Gemma

Bootes - WSW - Arcturus

Virgo - WSW - Spica

Ursa Major - W - Plough

Canes Venatici - W

Leo - W

Looking North :

Draco - NW to NE

Lynx - NNW to N

Ursa Minor - N - Polaris (Pole Star)

Camelopardalis - N

Auriga - N - Capella

Perseus - NNE

Cepheus - NE

Cassiopeia - NE

Andromeda - NE - M31, M32, NGC205

Lacerta - ENE

Pegasus - E - Scheat

Never look at the Sun with the naked eye or through binoculars or a telescope as doing this will blind you.

    50º 45'03.84N    4º 30'01.39W        OS:  SX 237977           Elevation: 142m
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