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In The Sky

We are indebted to Arthur Black for supplying this information.
Should you wish to communicate with Arthur, please email him at:  arthur.black10@btinternet.com

Below is a list of dates with notable events for the coming weeks in November 2018

  • 2nd Moon north of star Regulus ESE 430am
  • 5th Moon north of star Spica in the dawn sky 
  • 11th Moon north of Saturn SSW 5pm 
  • 11th/12th Taurid Meteor Shower peak North after midnight 
  • 14th Venus close to star Spica SE 630am. 
  • 15th Moon close to Mars South 7pm 
  • 16th Moon south of Mars West 7pm 
  • 17th/18th Leonid meteor Shower peak NE after midnight 
  • 23rd Moon close to star Aldebaran ESE 930pm. 
  • 23rd November blood Moon  
  • 30th Moon forming a flat triangle with stars Regulus and Denebola NE

Taurid Meteor Shower - mid October to 10th December - 5 meteors per hour

Leonid Meteor Shower - 5th November to 30th November - 15 meteors per hour

Venus rises 515am ESE 

Sun rises 727am East

Sun sets 417pm West

Saturn sets 630pm SW

Saturn is in the low western sky in the evenings.

Mars is in the evening sky in the South West.

Venus is in the pre dawn sky in the East.

Never look at the Sun with the naked eye or through binoculars or a telescope as doing this will blind you.

    50º 45'03.84N    4º 30'01.39W        OS:  SX 237977           Elevation: 142m
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