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In The Sky

We are indebted to Arthur Black for supplying this information.
Should you wish to communicate with Arthur, please email him at:

Below is a list of dates with notable events for the coming weeks in September 2018

  • 3rd Moon close to Aldebaran in Taurus in the dawn sky in the east
  • 6th Moon in Gemini below Castor and Pollux
  • 7th Southern Taurid meteor shower until 19th November.
  • 12th Moon north of Spica in Virgo.
  • 13th Moon close to Jupiter around 830pm in the SW
  • 14th Moon close to Jupiter around 830pm in the SW
  • 15th Alpha Aurigid meteor shower peaks
  • 17th Moon close to Saturn in the South 530pm
  • 19th Moon close to Mars SSE 530pm
  • 20th Moon and Mars set together at 1am in the South.
  • 30th Moon close to Aldebaran SW 530am

Moon: Sets aboit 1015pm mid month

Sun: Rises 642am Sets 723pm


Mercury - very low in the east around 5am for the first week in September.

Venus - (-4.6) - low down after sunset in Virgo disappearing around the 4th.

Mars - (-2.1 to -1.3) - back in Capricornus after its brief u-turn in Sagittarius and sets by 0030am.

Jupiter - (-1.9 to -1.8) - moves eastwards in Libra in the evening sky. it will be setting around 8pm by the end of the month.

Saturn - (0.4 to 0.5) - remains in Sagittarius and sets by 10pm

Uranus - (5.7) retrograding very slowly in Aries

Neptune - (7.8) retrograding very slowly in Aquarius. should be visible for the first half of the month.

Meteor Showers:

Alpha Aurigids - Second peak 15th September. only around 10 meteors per hour but they are bright and easy to photograph. Activity extends into October.

Southern Taurid - from 7th September to 19th November. Not frequent but produces very bright fireballs. 

The number of sporadic meteors its highest rate than at any other time during the year. 



The Summer Triangle - now high in the south west 

Great Square of Pegasus - high in the south east

Below Pegasusare Capricornus and Aquarius

Pisces is now visible to the east of Aquarius.

Pleiades in the east


Ursa Major low in the North. 

Taurus visible in the east and north east

Andromeda visible in the east

Aries below Andromeda

Hyades in the east


Taurus - E 

Aries - E 

Andromeda - Almach, M31 - E 

Triangulum - E 

Pisces - ESE 

Cetus - Diphda - E to SE 

Pegasus - Alpheratz - SE 

Piscis Austrinus - Fomalhaut - S 

Aquarius - S 

Cygnus - S 

Delpinus - S 

Capricornus - Algedi - S 

Sagittarius - S 

Sagitta - SW 

Aquila - Altair - SW 

Serpens Cauda - SW 

Lyra - Vega - W 

Hercules - W 

Ophiuchus - W 

Serpens Caput - W 

Draco - W 

Corona Borealis - W 

Bootes - Arturus - W 


Lyra - Vega - W 

Hercules - W 

Ophiuchus - W 

Serpens Caput - W 

Corona Borealis - W 

Bootes - Arcturus - NW 

Draco - NW 

Cepheus - N 

Ursa Minor - Pole Star (Polaris) - N 

Ursa Major - Mizar, Plough - N 

Cassiopeia - Caph, Tsih, Shedir - NE 

Perseus - Algol - NE 

Auriga - Capella, M38, M36, M37 - NE 

Andromeda - M31, Alpheratz - E 

Triangulum - E 

Aries - E 

Cetus - E 

Taurus - Aldebaran - E 

Pisces - E

Never look at the Sun with the naked eye or through binoculars or a telescope as doing this will blind you.

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