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In The Sky

We are indebted to Arthur Black for supplying this information.
Should you wish to communicate with Arthur, please email him at:

Below is a list of dates with notable events for the coming weeks in May 2018

  • 1st Moon is north east of Jupiter in Libra.
  • 5th Moon is close to Saturn in Sagittarius around 430am.
  • 6th Moon is close to Mars in Sagittarus in the SSE around 430am.
  • 6th/7th Meteor Shower - Eta Aquariids maximum in the East.
  • 16th Moon close to star Aldebaran.
  • 17th Moon close to Venus WNW 930pm.
  • 19th Venus prominent in the constellation of Gemini in the west after sunset below the crescent Moon.
  • 22nd Star Regulus to the right of the Moon in Leo in the west around 1am.
  • 25th Moon close to star Spica in the south 10pm.
  • 26th Moon to the right of Jupiter in the south 10pm.
  • 27th Moon close to Jupiter SSE 10pm.
  • 31st Moon in the constellation Ophiuchus.


Rises 514am

Sets 855pm


Venus (-3.9) - Visible low in the west after sunset. Moving eastwards from Taurus to Gemini in the course of the month. By mid month it will be prominent entering Gemini on the 19th.

Mars (-0.4 to -1.2) - In the south east at dawn. Mars rises about 2am in the SE mid month. It is in Sagittarius moving eastwards and entering Capricornus mid month.

Jupiter (-2.5) - in Libra due south 11pm at the end of May.

Saturn (0.4 to 0.2) - due south by 330am. saturn rises about 1230am in the SE mid month.

Mercury - in Pisces moves towards the Sun.

Uranus (5.9) - in Aries. lost in the dawn sky.

Neptune (7.9) - moving slowly eastwards. Lost in the dawn sky.


looking south around 11pm mid month:  Lyra East 

Hercules East - M13

Ophiuchus ESE

Corona Borealis SE - Gemma

Scorpius SE - Antares

Libra SE

Bootes SE - Arcturus

Virgo South - Spica

Corvus South

Coma Berenices South

Crater SW

Hydra South to West

Leo WSW - Regulus

Cancer West

Canis Minor West - Procyon

Gemini West - Pollux, Castor

Ursa Major West

Looking North around 11pm mid month:-

Leo West - Regulus

Cancer West

Canis Minor West - Procyon

Gemini West - Pollux, Castor

Ursa Major NW

Lynx NW

Perseus NNW

Camelopardalis NNW

Cassiopeia North

Ursa Minor North - Pole Star (Polaris), Kocab

Cepheus NNE - Garnet star

Draco NE

Cygnus NE - Deneb

Sagitta East

Lyra East - Vega

Aquila East - Altair

Hercules East - M13

Ophiuchus East

Never look at the Sun with the naked eye or through binoculars or a telescope as doing this will blind you.

    50º 45'03.84N    4º 30'01.39W        OS:  SX 237977           Elevation: 142m
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