Week St. Mary

Old Businesses & Professions of the Village over 117 years

1889 19402006
H J Brewer (Draper & Grocer)H Brewer (Draper & Grocer)Telesonic
Mrs Sarah Congdon (Butcher)N & E Coles (Butcher)Active community
-F Colwill (Butcher)-
Frederick May (Surgeon & Medical Officer)J Freeth (Physician, Surgeon & Public Vacinnator)-
William Orchard (Shoe-maker & Farmer)W Higgins (Shoes, Ironmonger & Sweets)-
John Staddon (Tree Inn & Shoe-maker)Mrs Masters (Temperance Hotel)-
-Mr Martyn (Ironmonger & Petrol)Hillcrest Bakery
-L Maddock (Garage)K J Bromell (Builder)
-W Martyn (Grocer)Optimal Solutions
The Beeches (Schoolmaster's Residence)The Beeches (Schoolmaster's Residence)Green Inn (Public House)
The Village SchoolThe County Primary School-
Samuel Smith (Farmer & Shop-keeper)--
-Mrs Pooley (General Store & Taxi)-
Samuel Fry (Blacksmith)G Masters (Blacksmith)-
William Martin (Blacksmith & Shop-keeper)--
Bethuel Hutchings (Tailor & Shop-keeper)T Orchard (Tailor)-
J Sandercock (Post Office & Farmer)J Sandercock (Post Office)-
C H Honey (Baker & Grocer)Sandercock (Baker)J Roberts (Post Office & Village Store)
Mrs Charlotte Kinsman (Trefrouse Mill)  [MY WIFE'S GREAT-GREAT-GRANDMOTHER : David Martin]-
Mrs Jane Kinsman (Miller)--
John Kinsman (Farmer - Odd Mill)--
Rev J D PeakeRev A HambrookRev R Dickenson
Morton B Glanville (Carpenter)Albert Rowland (Carpenter)-
George Benoy (Carpenter)Mr Parnell (Carpenter)-
Thomas Power (Carpenter)--
J Smeeth (Carpenter & Beer Retailer)--
Josiah Ayres (Mason)John Ayres (Mason)
Thomas Bickford (Mason)---
William Headon (Cattle Dealer)


H J Brewer (Draper & Grocer)

Mrs Sarah Congdon (Butcher)

Frederick May (Surgeon & Medical Officer)

William Orchard (Shoe-maker & Farmer)

John Staddon (Tree Inn & Shoe-maker)

The Beeches (Schoolmaster's Residence)

The Village School

Samuel Smith (Farmer & Shop-keeper)

Samuel Fry (Blacksmith)

William Martin (Blacksmith & Shop-keeper)

Bethuel Hutchings (Tailor & Shop-keeper)

J Sandercock (Post Office & Farmer)

C H Honey (Baker & Grocer)

Mrs Charlotte Kinsman (Trefrouse Mill) [THIS IS MY WIFE'S GREAT-GREAT-GRANDMOTHER : David Martin]

Mrs Jane Kinsman (Miller)

John Kinsman (Farmer - Odd Mill)

Rev J D Peake

Morton B Glanville (Carpenter)

George Benoy (Carpenter)

Thomas Power (Carpenter)

J Smeeth (Carpenter & Beer Retailer)

Josiah Ayres (Mason)

Thomas Bickford (Mason)


H Brewer (Draper & Grocer)

N & E Coles (Butcher)

F Colwill (Butcher)

J Freeth (Physician, Surgeon & Public Vacinnator)

W Higgins (Shoes, Ironmonger & Sweets)

Mrs Masters (Temperance Hotel)

Mr Martyn (Ironmonger & Petrol)

L Maddock (Garage)

W Martyn (Grocer)

The Beeches (Schoolmaster's Residence)

The County Primary School

Mrs Pooley (General Store & Taxi)

G Masters (Blacksmith)

T Orchard (Tailor)

J Sandercock (Post Office)

Sandercock (Baker)

Rev A Hambrook

Albert Rowland (Carpenter)

Mr Parnell (Carpenter)

John Ayres (Mason)

William Headon (Cattle Dealer)



Hillcrest Bakery

K J Bromell (Builder)

Green Inn (Public House)

J Roberts (Post Office & Village Store)

Rev R Dickenson

50º 45'03.84N  4º 30'01.39W      OS: SX 237977      Elevation: 142m

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