Greenamoor (Greena Moor)

Week St. Mary (OS Reference: SX234963)
• Greena Moor, lying about mile or so south-east of Week St. Mary village, is now classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - just one of over 4,000 such sites existing in England. It covers an area of some 30 hectares (79 acres) and is classed as type 'Fen, marsh and swamp'.
• Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) are examples of our natural heritage of wildlife habitats, geological features and landforms. An SSSI is an area that has been notified as being of special interest under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.  

On Wednesday 7th June 2006, my wife and I decided to walk some of the 79 acres and see some of the 'fen, marsh and swamp' for ourselves.

The sun was again shining and as we had enjoyed several days of 'summer' weather the ground was fairly dry and solid to walk on except near the stream where the ground is difficult to traverse.

We had the pleasure of enjoying a most peaceful afternoon, except for the 2 RAF jets that we saw (and heard!) on two occasions, and saw quite a bit of wildlife, ranging from a large stag in the distance down to one of the smallest green grasshoppers I have ever seen - less than half an inch in length; also enjoyed was a buzzard, skylarks, pheasants, rabbits, water 'boatmen', tadpoles and a little ladybird struggling to climb out of the deep grass; various rushes, cuckoo flowers, ragged robins, speedwell, stitchwort and a field of wonderful meadow buttercups.

I am sure there were many more species of flora and fauna but sadly, we are no experts!

Although parking is limited the access is possible by the well-maintained gates.

I am not sure why the entrance should be referred to as Greena Moor, formerly known as Creddicott Meadows, because I have never known it to be called anything to do with Creddicott.  The entrance was always known as Goscott Moor; perhaps it should say Goscott Moor leading to Greena Moor, but what do we know?

David & Jean Martin 

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50º 45'03.84N  4º 30'01.39W      OS: SX 237977      Elevation: 142m

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