Muster of Weeke Mary 1569

John Moris: gent doblet bill pr.splints

John Colwill: bow sh. arr scull bill

George Roll: armiger light gelding for light horseman with requisite harness and weapons corslet pike bow sh.arr haqbut scull

Degorie Harvy: bill

(blank) Palmer:

R. Mylton:

Ric Clifton: bow 4 arr

James Trewyn: bow 6 arr

Willm Morfill: bow sh.arr

Humfry Morfill:

John Colwyll deThinwood: bill salett hagabut

John Trewyn: bow 12 arr bill

Robert Colwyll: bow

John Perse:

John Wheare: bow 6 arr sallet

John Wheare (jun): bill

Alexander Wheare: bill

Thomas Mylton: bow 12 arr sallet

Edward Mylton:

John Orchard de Melhowse: bill

Willm Sutcott: bill scull

Edmound Orchard: gorget dagger bill

Willm Orchard:

Thomas Sutcott: 6 arrows

Walter Hore: bow 12 arr jack

Thomas Barnepole:

John Sutcott: bow 12 arr

Thomas Weall: bill steel cap

Ric Mores: bow 6 arr

John Alighe:

Ric Alighe: bow 6 arr

Edward Alighe: bill

John Yeare:

Thomas Petheke: bill

Willm Petheke: bow 12 arr

John Oliver: bow 3 arr

Nicolas Bonifant: bow 4 arr

Henrie Worthe: bow 3 arr

Thomas Piper: bill sallet harq.

John Piper: bow 6 arr

Humfry Alighe: sallet bow sh.arr bill

Willm Coke: bill

Gorge Mayne: bow 6 arr

James Trewyne (sen): jack bill

Robt Pethik: bow 6 arr pr.splints

Thomas Pethike: bow 12 arr

Gorge Beafford: bow 16 arr sallet bill

Thomas Beafford: jack sallet bill

John Orchard: bow 6 arrows

Ric Orchard: bill

John Myll de Brendon: bow sh.arr pr.rivets sallet bill hagabut

John Wickott: bill

Marten Jory: bow 6 arr

Thomas C(ol)wyll: jack sallet bow 12 arrows

Thomas Pawly: bill gorget pr.splints

John Wylls als Heale: bill

John Guscott: sherehoke

Willm Flingger:

Willm Colwyll: bow 6 arr

Davy Heayne: bill

John Jolowe: bill

John Worthe: bow 6 arr

Laurens Worthe: bill

John Juell: corslet bow sh.arr murryn scull

Arthur Mylton: bow 6 arr

John Mehow: bill

Ric Williams: bow 12 arr

John Botters: staff pike

Symone Clifton: bow 6 arr

Willm Smythe:

Willm Savidge: mourich pike

Marten Clifton: bow 6 arr

Robert Richard: bill

Thomas Edye: bill

Mychell Williams: bow 6 arr

Ottes Mayne: bow 6 arr

Walter Bonesall: bill

John Clifton (jun): mourich pike scull

Symon Trewyne: bow 6 arr

John Marten:

John Penvos: bow 4 arrows

Henry Heale: bow 4 arr

John Gibb: bill

Sylvester Cole: bill

Willm Trewyne: bill

Robert Jeffery: bow 6 arr

Thomas Ruffe: bill

John Voler: sherhoke morich pike

John Moole:

John Nowe: bow 6 arrows

John Dogell: bill

John Malber: harqubut

John Prenche: bow 6 arr

The said parishe will find furnishe at theire commen charges & expences 2 pair of almon Revets.

(Attendance at Muster was compulsory!)


doblet: A close fitting body garment

bill: Weapon with spike on the end

jack: Canvas or leather reinforced jacket

halberd: Similar to pole axe

splints: Plates of metal for the forearms

sallet: Short brimmed helmet

50º 45'03.84N  4º 30'01.39W      OS: SX 237977      Elevation: 142m

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