Extracts from the Week St. Mary County Primary School Record Books

• 29th November 1875
Week St. Mary School Board has been held in a room (hired by the Board for the same purpose) since this date. 
• 30th October 1876
The school was opened by the Rev. G. H. Hopkins. There were just 10 children admitted during the first week.
• 4th May 1877
Still no blackboard! 
• 14th September 1877
One boy sent to Stratton Workhouse (an orphan or pauper) for truancy, not returning to Week St. Mary until 21st September 1877.
• 22nd March 1878
17 Children absent from school suffering from whooping cough. 
• 26th May 1878
School closed for 3 weeks due to number of pupils suffering from Measles. 
• 3rd October 1878
School closed for 3 weeks due to number of pupils suffering from Scarlet Fever. 
• 24th October 1882
School closed owing to a Bazaar in connection with the ‘Dissenters of the Parish School’. 
• 15th December 1885
Because of a Measles epidemic the school is closed until 5th January 1886.
• 8th June 1885
There are now 85 pupils listed in the School Register.
• 1888
Only a slight rise in pupils in 3½ years - There are now 89 pupils listed in the School Register.
• 20th April 1888
Whooping Cough is making it very noisy in class!
• 11th January 1889
There are now 95 pupils listed in the School Register. 
• 1st October 1889
27 Children absent from school. Mostly boys out digging and storing potatoes. 
• 20th May 1890
Several children away because of a Sunday School Tea at the Bible Christian Chapel.
• 3rd March 1891
Week St. Mary School closed due to blizzards.
• 26th June 1891
Closed for some weeks due to outbreak of Scarletina (It was recorded on 22nd April 1892 that the Scarletina had almost gone).
• 19th September 1892
School closed for Revel Day. 
• 21st December 1895
Week St. Mary School closed for 2 weeks for the Christmas holidays. 
• 7th January 1896
The Doctor ordered the School closed due to an epidemic of Whooping Cough. 
• 25th March 1896
Whooping Cough returned to the school.
• 3rd June 1896
Week St. Mary School closed for 3 weeks due to epidemic of Measles.
• 14th May 1897
There are now 115 pupils listed in the School Register. 
• 9th September 1898
Half the school away due to blackberry picking and potato digging. 
• 25th April 1898
Military Drill today well executed but some of the smaller fry are rather a bother with their wrong motions. 
• 14th June 1899
Several children gone to Widemouth at the invitation of the Vicar and his wife! (Rev. William Wilkinson)
• 13th July 1899
There are now 120 pupils listed in the School Register.
• 8th October 1900
Week St. Mary School closed as required for use as Polling Station.
• 13th November 1900
Poor attendance during the afternoon as several boys away because of a demonstration in the village on ‘turf hedging’.
• 28th March 1901
Ground covered in snow; poor attendance. 
• 2nd April 1902
Snow, only 9 children present! 
• 27th July 1903
Two-thirds of the children at a Seaside Picnic. 
• 15th February 1904
Work of week vigorous and accurate. Average 96.8 attendance; this is the highest average since the school has been built. 
• 23rd February 1904
Over 100 children present today. 
• 15th March 1904
Over 110 children present today. There is not enough desks and work is cramped. 
• 26th May 1904
Gloomy sultry day. Temperature registers 72oF at 2.45 p.m. and there are 80 children crowded in large classroom and 34 infants in their classroom. Children are listless and restless. Air is unhealthy. 
• 24th June 1904
Average attendance for the week is 110 out of 135 on the books. 
• 8th July 1904
The school is poorly attended this afternoon. 87 out of 136; this is owing to haymaking.
• 5th May 1905
School Inspector’s Report states that children are over-crowded by 25% with some 120 children crowded in the small school. 
• 19th September 1905
Week St. Mary School to be closed on the orders of Dr. Reutroch(?) owing to Scarlet Fever in the village. 
• 23rd October 1905
Discipline is falling owing to great overcrowding. 
• 12th June 1906
A young person of the parish is to be buried today so several children away. 
• 29th June 1906
School extension well under way; very noisy and dusty. 
• 26th September 1906
Large numbers of children away. Potatoes are being lifted so children kept at home. 
• 5th November 1906
School Inspector’s Report says that necessary enlargement of building nearing completion. 
• 7th January 1907
Epidemic of Measles so School closed for 3 weeks by Medical Certificate. School re-opened eventually 18th February. Low attendance.
• 1st May 1907
(Several reports over previous 5 months). Whooping Cough prevalent again. 
• November 1907
Stratton Fair today. Several children gone with parents to help drive cattle. 
• 29th January 1908
A daughter of Mr. J. Badcock, former resident of this parish, is to be buried today in the village churchyard. They have asked for 10 or 12 boys to hold the horses at 3 p.m. 
• 1st May 1908
A very poor attendance this afternoon as there is a May Day concert at the Rectory and the children are away at the practise. 
• 25th June 1908
Several children away on account of the Free Methodist Anniversary.
• 22nd September 1908
A. W. Rablen commenced work today as headmaster.
• 28th September 1908
Miss Squire commenced work as Assistant Mistress.
• 15th March 1909
Week St. Mary ‘Fair Day’ today. Snow is falling and is lying inches deep on the ground.
• 13th May 1909
By consent of Manager’s, School will open at 1 p.m. and close at 3 p.m. in order to allow Bible Christian children to attend funeral of woman connected to Sunday School. 
• 6th July 1909
Medical examination today, 40 children examined. 4 pronounced mentally defective, 2 advised to take medicine and 1 told to visit eye doctor as soon as possible.
• 20th September 1909
School closed on account of Week St. Mary Revel.
• 20th May 1910
School will not open today on account of the funeral of King Edward VII.
• 26th October 1910
Nellie Cobbledick is frequently late, especially in the mornings. This afternoon she arrived at 1.55 p.m. and as the register had been closed for 20 minutes I sent her home.
• 9th January 1911
Managers decided school could not open owing to work connected with new folding partition.
• 26th June 1911
School closed for Coronation of King George V.
• 18th July 1911
School closed for Choral and Temperance Festivals.
• 1913
Repeated entries saying the School closed today for Church Outings, Choral Festivals, Band of Hope Festival, trips to Widemouth, etc. 
• 1914
No mention of WW1.
• 29th January 1915
Influenza, ringworm and scab amongst the children. School to be closed for 2 weeks by order of the Medical Officer.
• 7th June 1915
At the Music Competition held at Wadebridge on 21st May Week St. Mary School won Trefusis Banner, scoring 98/100 for sight singing and 183/200 for songs of all grades of competition, this School won the highest marks in both sections.
• 30th March 1917
Today I resign charge of this school due to my failing eyesight (A.W. Rablen).
• 2nd April 1917
I took temporary charge of the School today (W. J. Whittaker).
• 5th May 1917
W. J. Whittaker resigned temporary duty.
• 21st November 1917
George Reed has to stay away from School, having Scarletina. Florence Reed, his sister, also must stay away.
• 11th December 1917
The capture of Jerusalem has been announced and at the request of the Vicar the School will close at 3.30 p.m. to enable children to attend Thanksgiving Service in the Church at 3.45 p.m.
• 21st January 1918
Visit by Rev. Haslam in connection with proposed presentation to be made to Miss Jones who is leaving at the end of February. 
• 12th February 1918
We are having a weekly collection of eggs for wounded soldiers and sailors. 52 eggs have been brought in today and sent to Launceston. 
• 15th March 1918
Miss McMerkin from Liskeard commenced duty as supply teacher today.
• 6th May 1918
Miss Mellor appointed Assistant Mistress has declined the post.
• 27th May 1918
Mrs. Williams has commenced duty as Assistant Mistress.
• 5th June 1918
Have to proceed to Plymouth tomorrow to join the Army and I now resign charge of the School. (E. J. Leggo).
• 6th June 1918
Miss Bettison commenced work as Assistant Mistress.
• 10th June 1918
I take charge today (E. M. Hawking).
• 5th July 1918
Resigned charge of School (E. M. Hawking).
• 8th July 1918
Took charge of School (J. E. Dean).
• 17th September 1918
A new cooking stove was placed in Infants room today.
• 9th October 1918
Received instruction from Managers to close School next week for potato lifting.
• 25th November 1918
Only 25 of our 80 children present. School closed until 9th December. A lot of sickness in the village.
• 14th February 1919
The egg collection for wounded soldiers has now ceased. 1,591 eggs have been sent since 12th February, 1918. 
• 24th February 1919
Have returned to take charge of School after being absent on Military Service. (E. J. Leggo). 
• 23rd May 1919
Visited by Mrs. Curtis who talked to children about Empire Day and the proposed village War Memorial. 
• 18th June 1919
A School Library has been started.
• 30th June 1919
Peace was signed on Saturday so the Union Jack was flown today from one of the trees in the playground. 
• 5th February 1920
School closed until 12th February, owing to Scabies.
• 27th February 1920
74 children on the register and every child present all week.
• 8th March 1920
Miss Barbary commenced as Certified Assistant Mistress.
• 25th February 1921
The playground has been covered with a layer of stones which have not been rolled into the ground. The result is that children are unable to play any games and it is impossible to do Physical Exercises as the stones are so sharp.
• 23rd June 1921
School closed for birthday of Prince of Wales. 
• 28th February 1922
Week St. Mary School closed for marriage of Princess Mary.
• 26th June 1922
Word from District Clerk that Doris Colwill has been successful in passing Minor Scholarship Examination held at Bude on 27th May. 
• 24th November 1922
Received load of farmyard manure for School garden from Mr. W. Smale of Week Green. 
• 6th March 1923
Received word from Bude Secondary School that the body of the wheelbarrow for the school garden is complete, but that they have difficulty in getting a wheel!
• 24th May 1923
Empire Day. A cross of flowers and wreaths were placed on the War Memorial by the children. Sports were afterwards held in a field lent by Mr. W. Smale.
• 1st October 1923
I take charge of School (D. Pearce).
• 8th January 1924
First mention of Miss Retallack as Supply Teacher.
• 23rd January 1924
Being fine weather the opportunity was taken of carrying out operations in the school garden. 
• 15th February 1924
A boy was excluded today as he has ringworm. Notified County Medical Officer. 
• 18th February 1924
New gates fitted at the entrance to the playground.
• 31st March 1924
Miss Best absent today so Miss Retallack took charge. 
• 4th April 1924
Miss Best Certificated Assistant, finished duty here today. 
• 7th April 1924
Miss Isabel Trembach, the new Assistant, will not commence duty until later in the week. Miss Retallack took over lower department and I took the upper section. 
• 29th April 1924
The Headmaster is absent (sick). Dr. King, local MOH visited the school and recommended its closure. 
• 1st May 1924
Received order by telephone to close school at once. This was done 3.50 p.m. 
• 2nd May 1924
Received covering letter about school closure – school will re-open 26th May. 
• 10th June 1924
Miss Retallack absent today for purpose of being medically inspected at Bude. The prefect system was explained to upper class today. Those chosen were John Stacey, Dennis Treleaven, Christine Masters and Olive Leach. 
• 15th September 1924
Miss Retallack is acting as supply teacher at Whitstone until September 18th. 
• 22nd September 1924
School closed – Week St. Mary Revel. 
• 29th October 1924
School closed, being used as Polling Station. 
• 11th November 1924
Armistice Day – School marched to War Memorial and there observed two minutes silence. 
• 17th February 1925
Received two coal buckets and one iron mat from Mrs. Martyn. 
• 26th May 1925
Empire Day Sports were held in a field adjoining the school, kindly lent by Mr. W. Smale. 
• 8th June 1925
An extract from report by H.M. Inspector, Mr. W. Page, states, “The Headmaster began duty in October 1923 and conducts the School in a capable manner. The order is good and the children show a keen interest in their work. Entertainments by children have secured about £20 for Provident, a Library and Apparatus. The teaching of Gardening is on good lines….”
• 25th June 1925
School closed in afternoon by consent of Managers owing to Anniversary at Week Green Chapel. 
• 25th October 1925
Received notification that Cookery classes commence at this school. 
• 27th October 1925
Received Horticultural Superintendent’s Report on school gardens. Week St. Mary is again awarded First Class Certificate. 
• 10th June 1926
School closed this afternoon on account of Royal Cornwall Show at Launceston.
• 22nd July 1926
School closed today, Flower Show and Fete at The Rectory. 
• 18th February 1927
The stove in the Infant Room is smoking badly. I have reported same to District Clerk. I am getting the blacksmith to see to it. 
• 3rd June 1927
School closed. 20 children and staff visited the ‘Education Week’ exhibition at Truro. 
• 15th July 1927
Three children awarded book prizes for essays in connection with Beethoven Centennial Celebrations (Ida Pooley, Freda Prouse and Cyril Petherick). 
• 3rd March 1928
School piano is being delivered. 
• 4th May 1928
The county has approved a £5 grant for a school library – the school has raised equal amount. 
• 30th October 1928
Attendance for week 72.2% due to large amount of sickness. 
• 18th February 1929
Michael Treleaven has been awarded a scholarship at Bude. 
• 15th April 1929
Owing to measles the county M.O. has advised exclusion of under 5’s for at least one week. 
• 11th November 1929
Armistice Day, lessons given and children listened to wireless service from the Cenotaph. 
• 23rd January 1930
School closed this afternoon on account of Dedication Services at the church.
• 10th June 1930
Sir Donald Maclean, M.P. visited the School this afternoon. 
• 13th October 1930
Miss Retallack sent to Jacobstow as Temporary Supply Teacher. 
• 27th October 1930
Miss Retallack returned to Week St. Mary. 
• 28th May 1930
Miss Retallack assigned to Whitstone School permanently. 
• 15th January 1932
Mumps and Jaundice widespread. 
• 3rd March 1932
New stove fitted in small classroom. 72 children on the Register. 
• 20th June 1933
School closed. Rechobite outing. 
• 11th July 1933
Cookery classes started under Miss William. Mr. Jeffery called to take measurements for a plan of school and playground. 
• 11th September 1933
There are now 77 children listed in the school register. 
• 20th October 1933
18 children absent through Measles and sickness. 
• 1st November 1933
Miss Winifred Retallack here as supplementary teacher. 
• 8th November 1933
Scarlet Fever. One child infected and two contacts excluded. 
• 17th November 1933
Seven children absent with Scarlet Fever. 
• 20th November 1933
School closed due to Scarlet Fever. 
• 18th December 1933
School re-opens. 
• 15th January 1934
Severe storm overnight – loose tiles and broken roof lights. 
• 17th April 1934
Received new rake and spade from Gillbard’s, Launceston and plans for coke house. 
• 10th September 1934
There are now 72 children listed in the school register. 
• 30th October 1934
Mrs. M. J. Martin, caretaker, has died. 
• 29th November 1934
School closed due to wedding of Duke of Kent and Princess Marina. 
• 11th March 1935
Heavy snow-storm. 31 children attended in the morning and 36 in the afternoon out of a total of 70 children on the books. 
• 24th June 1935
No-one to take Miss Truscott’s place, for the time being Miss Retallack taking classes 2 and 3 together. 
• 3rd December 1935
Received six tables and six dual table desks. One inkwell and one table leg broken.
• 21st January 1936
King George V died last night. Suitable lessons and remarks made to children. 
• 28th January 1936
School closed for funeral of King George V. 
• 7th September 1936
There are now 65 children listed in the school register. 
• 30th November 1936
Much sickness prevails (colds and Whooping Cough). 
• 1st March 1937
Heavy snow showers, only 30 children attended in the morning and 32 in the afternoon. 
• 18th March 1937
Received 12 dual desks and 24 chairs. One chair broken, has been returned. 
• 1st July 1937
Replacement chair received. 
• 6th September 1937
Playground unsatisfactory due to demolition of old lavatories and erection of new. 
• 1st December 1937
School closed. H.M. King George VI visiting Launceston, 46 children taken to see him. 
• 26th March 1938
18/9d to District Clerk from selling needlework. 
• 30th March 1938
Playground levelling begun. 
• 18th May 1938
Miss Retallack absent. Gone to Plymouth to present a purse to Queen Mary on behalf of L.H.F. (?). 
• 2nd March 1939
All children measured for gas masks by district ARP officer. 
• 14-15th June 1939
Headmaster absent, acting as Steward at Royal Cornwall Show at Bude. 
• 4th October 1939
Work on resurfacing yard begun. 
• 16th October 1939
Miss Retallack sent to Kilkhampton school. 
• 18th October 1939
Miss Retallack returns to Week St. Mary. 
• 17th June 1940
About 50 evacuees have arrived from Croydon. Their teacher has been given permission to use the school building if they wish to get the children together. 
• 4th July 1940
Evacuees using Methodist Sunday School for teaching purposes. 
• 12th November 1940
Boy fell in the yard today and broke a finger. Sent to doctor and finger set. 
• 12th December 1940
Highly successful concert given by scholars of this school in conjunction with Sydenham evacuees. 
• 14th March 1941
Consenting children inoculated against Diptheria. 
• 10th April 1941
Harold Sincock resigns as Headmaster. 
• 20th April 1941
Under instructions from Truro P.H.S. Martin takes charge of this school. Eighteen evacuees from Bristol admitted. 
• 14th May 1941
Twenty evacuees from Plymouth admitted. 
• 4th December 1941
Fry’s Cocoa Film Unit gave a display at the school. 
• 29th June 1942
First Aid and Home Nursing Course held at school under Dr. Freeth. 
• 31st March 1943
School closed under ‘Invasion Exercise’. 
• 20th December 1943
Sgt. Richards (Police) came and talked on the ‘butterfly bomb’. 
• 21st December 1944
School party in the Rectory Room; juniors at 3.30pm and seniors at 7.30pm organised by troops from Cleave Camp. 
• 5th July 1945
Evacuees returned home and teaching divided between P.H.S. Martin and Miss Retallack. 
• 28th June 1946
Only 13 children out of 45 in attendance – epidemic of Measles. 
• 15th July 1946
Brenda Pooley wins scholarship to Bude Grammar School and Michael Martin wins boarding scholarship to Launceston College. 
• 5th July 1947
Garfield Higgins and Catherine Congdon win scholarship to Bude Grammar School.
• 19th November 1947
Headmaster absent, taking his wife to Plymouth hospital for urgent operation. 
• 15th April 1948
Miss Retallack off with broken ankle. 
• 13th October 1948
Piano tuner called. 
• 28th March 1949
By arrangement with Mr. & Mrs. Charlick a canteen has been started in the Temperance Hotel. 
• 28th January 1950
Eight children taken the first test for transfer to Grammar School. 
• 12th June 1950
P.H.S. Martin handed over to Miss Lane. “…in view of the condition of my health, it is unlikely that I shall again have charge of this school”. 
• 12th July 1950
School holiday for Royal Cornwall Show. 
• 14th February 1951
Milk (bulk) to be boiled. 
• 29th June 1951
Miss Lane leaving, Miss Mosely will take over on 1st July 1951. 
• 10th January 1952
Milk was delivered from Mr. Martin’s farm at Seaview. 
• 6th February 1952
News of death of King George VI. 
• 28th February 1952
Miss Mosely resigned and Miss Retallack appointed. 
• 11th December 1952
School nurse (Piper) visited. 
• 20th March 1953
Received news that P.H.S. Martin passed away this morning. 
• 23rd March 1953
9am, children lined up outside school as the coffin was loaded into the hearse, bearing our wreath. 
• 29th January 1954
Heavy snow and roads blocked. Snow level with school walls in places. 
• 16th December 1954
School party. Progress prizes won by Pat Martin, John Ellis, Jeanette Rogers and David Martin. 
• 8th February 1955
Mr. Parsons, plumber, called to inspect sinks, etc. with a view to connecting to mains water supply going down the main road of the village. 
• 24th February 1955
Heavy snow and frost, all frozen! 
• 3rd February 1956
Cold, only 31oF all morning. 
• 9th May 1956
School closed. Children taken to Launceston to see Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh. 
• 30th January 1957
Gave Mrs. Harris (caretaker) new coal bucket from stock. 
• 11th December 1957
Mr. & Mrs. Vedrenne presented prizes: Progress Prizes to Susan Martin and Mark Wadge, in the infant class and Mervyn Colwill and Jennifer Orchard from junior class. Most popular boy and girl was Tessa Wadge and Joseph Paynter. 
• 8th January 1958
Owing to death of Miss Mosely I take charge now (Ruth Saltern). 
• 6th May 1958
Ruth Saltern confirmed as Head Teacher. 
• 25th October 1958
Boys urinal pipe leaky. 
• 25th November 1958
Record player delivered. 
• 15th December 1958
Annual prize giving: Silver Cup presented to David Martin and Owen Booker; Progress Awards to Arthur McCall, Barbara Harris, Joanna Kaluzenska, Susan Martin, Mark Wadge, Susan Deans, Ivor Cobbledick and Elaine McCall. 
• 30th January 1959
Robert Booker tripped over a step and cut his head – nurse dressed it for him. 
• 29th April 1959
Susan Martin slipped in the classroom, fell on her wrist and fractured a bone. Dr. Ward contacted and he ordered her removal to Stratton Hospital. I took her and her mother to Stratton where Dr. Ward examined it and sent her to Plymouth. 
• 25th May 1959
Susan Martin had plaster removed today. 
• 29th July 1959
Mrs. Deans appointed caretaker. 
• 16th December 1959
Prize giving: Miss E. Paynter gave prizes to David Martin, Susan Martin, Margaret Cobbledick, Margaret Venning (juniors); Samuel Boundy, Ivor Cobbledick, Mary Deans and Linda Martin (infants). Cups to Barbara Harris and Mark Wadge. 
• 11th March 1960
Test papers received for one child (David Martin). 
• 17th March 1960
Test taken by David Martin today. 
• 30th September 1960
Severe flooding on many roads. Mrs. Saltern and several children were late arriving. 
• 18th July 1961
Two cases Measles confirmed. 
• 18th June 1962
School floors have been sanded and sealed. 
• 19th September 1962
Miss Retallack heard today she has been given a one year extension of service as she will be 65 at Christmas, up to 31st December 1963. 
• 8th January 1963
38 children on school register. All present despite roads covered with packed snow and ice. 44oF in class. 
• 25th September 1963
Health Office (Truro) says milk will come from Davidstow milk factory. 
• 1-3rd October 1963
Milk arriving too late for use and milk has been cancelled. 
• 19th December 1963
Miss Retallack presented with £28 and bouquet from pupils. 
• 11th June 1964
Diane Smeeth reported for supply duty. 
• 9th September 1964
There are now 27 children on the school register. 
• 15th December 1964
Diane Smeeth confirmed as infant teacher at this school. 
• 8th April 1965
Prizes awarded to the following children from Messrs. Brooke Bond: Valerie Baker, Ann Harwood, Alison Sandercock, Terry Harris, John Sandercock and Julie Martin. 
• 11th May 1966
Two children received prizes in a Children’s Art Exhibition in Launceston: Ian Horrell (2nd) and Julie Martin (3rd). 
• 11th July 1966
Two children absent with Chicken Pox. 
• 17th January 1967
One child absent with Measles. 
• 20th March 1968
Sgt. Scott addressed the children on road safety. 
• 4th July 1968
Telephone installed by G.P.O. (Week St. Mary 370). 
• 18th September 1968
Messrs. Woolacott’s installed new radio. 
• 19th September 1968
Messrs. Woolacott’s installed new aerial. 
• 2nd November 1968
Harvest Supper held in school for Parish Hall Committee. 
• 7th January 1969
There are now 23 children on school register. 
• 2nd June 1969
Julie Martin received notification of place at Bude Grammar School. 
• 1st July 1969
Investiture of H.R.H. Prince Charles as Prince of Wales shown on T.V. Juniors to 
Temperance Hotel and infants to Mrs. Baker’s to watch.
• 16th July 1969
Juniors to Temperance Hotel to see the launch of Apollo 12 on T.V., the first men on the moon. 
• 7th January 1970
Roof put over boy’s urinal. 
• 27th April 1970
Three children confirmed with German Measles. 
• 20th May 1970
Susan Drouet (7yrs); school painting, has won a prize in Cann Medland’s car competition and Wendy Horrell (7yrs) was highly commended. 
• 18th December 1970
School Party – after tea each child was presented with a gift by the youngest pupils, Stephen Martin and Andrew Cobbledick. 
• 9th September 1971
There are now 19 children on the school register. 
• 13th October 1971
Managers Meeting – our school, Poundstock and St. Gennys will close and all children will go to new school around January 1973. 
• 16th February 1972
Owing to power crisis we are not using any lights or water heater. 
• 1st March 1972
Two cases of Whooping Cough reported. 
• 7th March 1972
Mr. Law (Head of Bude Grammar School) and Mr. Rayner called at 2.30pm to interview 2 girls. 
• 13th March 1972
The County Library van visited today and exchanged 100 books. 
• 5th June 1972
Three children, Patricia Gubbin, Jill Hutchings and Peter Prust have been selected for Bude Grammar School. 
• 18th October 1972
Both classes and teachers went to Boyton Church Hall for a puppet show by the Da Silva Puppet Co. 
• 20th November 1972
One day’s holiday on the occasion of the Silver Wedding of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and H.R.H. Prince Philip. 
• 9th January 1973
School re-opened after Christmas with all 24 pupils present. 
• 15th February 1973
Roads covered with frozen snow. 
• 3rd April 1973
Dr. Patterson carried out full medical examination today. 
• 11th April 1973
Mr. Henchley took photo of the children walking down to dinner at the Temperance Hotel and at the playground for the local teacher centre. Mr. Hunn called and took wireless and record player away.

Week St. Mary County Primary School now CLOSED and all pupils transferred to the new school at Jacobstow.

(Our thanks to Bob Booker for the above contribution)

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