Thomasine Percyval's [Percival] (neé Bonaventure) Will 1450-1539

Purchased from Sotheby’s Sale (Lot 25) 10th July 1972 after a decision of the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art on 13th October 1972 prevented its export to the purchaser (Mr. H. P. Kraus of Liechenstein and New York). Purchased with grant of £125 from the Friends of the National Libraries. Total cost £190. Received 16th November 1972.
Deed of endowment and foundation of a chantry and obit and a grammar school. 
By Thomasine Percyvale of London, widow, formerly wife of Sir John Percyvale, Kt., formerly Mayor of the City of London. 
(Recital: Thomasine P. bought from Sir John Lisle of Throkliston, Hants., Kt. The manor of Sympston [Simpson in Holsworthy] with 2 messuages, 2 tofts, 150 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 80 acres of pasture, 20 acres of wood in Down, Westlake, Burescote [Burscott in Holsworthy], Holdesworthy [Holsworthy] Estelake and Yeoldelond [Yellowland alias Youldon in Holsworthy], Devon. By recovery, fine, and releases John Bonaventure, Esq., Nicholas Dynham, gent. And John Snawe seised of property to use of Thomasine and to her will. Value of property in Devon £12 4s 6d. Recital of lack of teachers and priests in Week St. Mary).
Trustees of recital to convey property (above) to John Trevilian, Kt., and his firstborn son John Trevilian; Thomas Graynefeld, Kt., and his firstborn son, Roger Graynefeld; Thos. Maris, Esq., and his firstborn son John Maris; Hen. Trecarrel Esq.; John Langdon Esq., and his firstborn son Robt. Langdon; John Talcarn; Thos. Penvown and his firstborn son William Trevown; John Dynham and his firstborn son Wm. Dynham; Richard Upcote and his firstborn son Thomas Upcote; Richard Denys; Wm. Trebarfote and Wm. Whitstone.
These feoffees out of profits of the lands (above) to appoint a priest who was a Master of Arts of Oxford or Cambridge and not benefices to say daily mass at Week St. Mary church praying for souls of Sir John Percyvale, Henry Gale, Thomas Barnaby and their fathers and mothers and for Thomasine Percyvale and for the souls of John Bonventure and Joan his wife, her father and mother. Also for souls of Richard Nordon; Master John Markewike, clerk and all her kindred, for good estate of the feoffees and for their souls, for good estate of every Abbot of Hartland and for their souls, for souls of benefactors of school below.
Chantry priest, scholars and curate of parish church to keep Thomasine P. anniversary or obit with requiem mass on the day following.
Priest to look after scholars and see they attended matins, mass and evensong on holy days.
Priest-Schoolmaster to have six weeks leave of absence each year, and provide a deputy for that time.
Master John Andrewe appointed priest-schoolmaster for life.
Priest-Schoolmaster to be chosen by four first-named of the feoffees (above). Five feoffees to warn the master to quit the post at the end of the quarter of the year following the warning if he was unsuitable or neglecting his charge. Next priest-schoolmaster to be chosen by first-named four of the feoffees. If they cannot agree after 21 days Abbot of Hartland to chose for that time only a secular priest who is a graduate. If the Abbot deferred an election for 21 days the Prior of Bodmin to choose for that time only.
Evidences of the endowed estates to be in a box in Week St. Mary Church under two locks and keys. Wardens of Week St. Mary Church to have one key and the Abbot of Hartland the other.
Every third or fourth year Abbot of Hartland, 2 Churchwardens and four of the feoffees living near Week St. Mary to read the last deed to ascertain how many of the feofees are living. When there are only four feoffees alive they to make an estate of the properties in Devon to their heirs male apparent and to heirs of deceased feoffees in trust to performance of Thomasine Percyvale’s will. One part of indenture to remain in box in Week St. Mary Church and the other at the Abbey of Hartland.
Four feoffees inspecting deed every third or fourth year to have 6s 8d to share between themselves. Four first-named feoffees to appoint an overseer of the lands to see to repairs and gathering of rents. Rent-gatherer to pay to curate or parish priest of Week St. Mary for Thomasine Percyvale’s obit 12d yearly, 8d to the parish clerk, 20 pence to be shared by the two Churchwardens. Rent-gatherer to receive 6s 8d yearly. Rent-gatherer to put 5s yearly into the box in front of the Churchwardens to help cost of renewal of feoffments and payments of 6s 8d to feoffees.
Residue of rents, heriots, etc., to go to priest-schoolmaster for his salary. Rent-gatherer accountable to four first-named feoffees for this.
Copy of this deed always to remain in Church of Week St. Mary.
Sealing clause… 

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